Personal Training

Your workout sessions are completely private. During your appointment, you and your trainer are the only ones in the gym. There are no distractions, there's no one to judge you and no one to compare yourself to. You will have your trainer's full, undivided attention.

There are no membership fees at Fit. Each 30 minute workout is $40 when you prepay for 10 sessions. If you do not wish to buy a package of 10, you may opt to pay as you go for $45 a session.

You will be encouraged to schedule a weekly, or twice weekly, appointment for the same time every week. This will help keep your schedule, as well as your trainer's schedule, uniform. In the event you are unable to keep your regular standing appointment, we are glad to help you reschedule a workout for another time. If you are unable to come in at all for your appointment, as long as there is a 24 hour cancellation notice, there will be no charge for skipping a workout.

Massage Therapy

Many clients choose to have regularly-scheduled appointments occurring every week, every other week, or every month. This is not necessary, though it guarantees your desired appointment time. You are welcome to call for a same day appointment, but calling a few days ahead is recommended.

Massage Pricing
90 minutes - $105
60 minutes - $75

Chair Massage Pricing
30 minutes - $40