Laurel Rocklewitz

Owner | Personal Trainer | Massage Therapist

Laurel began her commitment to physical fitness in her school-aged years, where she participated in year-round athletics at a highly competitive level. It was on the volleyball court that she first discovered and demonstrated her leadership skills. Laurel honed the ability to bring people together in a positive and motivating way, to focus, work together and accomplish a common goal. She didn't realize then that those roles in team dynamics would pave the way to her career as a successful personal trainer later in life. Transitioning from trainee to trainer was a natural progression. Laurel is proud to have received her Personal Training Certification through the Exercise Counsel on Strength and Nutrition.

Officially starting her studies of the human body by becoming a massage therapist in 2001, Laurel began to develop a deep sense of how the body works as a whole. Having a father who was a physical therapist influenced her decision to work in the healthcare field as well. Her years of studying have rewarded her with an advanced certification in massage therapy. Some of the modalities Laurel has studied include Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, oncology, Shiatsu, reflexology, and acupressure. 

Laurel was blessed with the opportunity to open her own exercise and massage studio in the town where she lives. She now can offer both of her services, personal training and massage therapy, in a beautiful, relaxed, and private atmosphere in Sebastopol, California.