Christina Woodworth-Powell

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Personal Trainer | Tabata | Chair Massage

Christina is from Sonoma County and grew up in the outdoors, hiking, backpacking and working as a whitewater river rafting guide. She always enjoyed activities that were physical but didn’t like to exercise at the gym, particularly with weights, until Super Slow. She grew to love the results, intensity, short duration, and meditative quality of being fully present with the exercise.

Since 2015, Christina has trained clients in the Super Slow method and is a certified High Intensity Training Guild personal trainer. Christina’s passion has always been working in the helping professions. She served many years as a social worker in community based organizations and holds a BA in Community Studies and an MA in Humanities and Leadership.

As Christina’s interests shifted into body-based healing modalities it was a natural transition to help people with their journey of gaining physical strength. Christina is warm, encouraging and conscientious so you will get the optimal benefits of Super Slow exercise safely. She is in tune with the individual needs and physical abilities of her clients, but will push them so they obtain the maximum benefits of high intensity strength training.

Christina loves offering chair massage to her clients. Each training session will end with a five minute chair massage to reward clients for their efforts and release tension built up in the muscles. Tabata, on a stationary bicycle, is offered as well for additional cardiovascular workout which can be incorporated into you regular routine.

Christina lives in Sebastopol with her husband, daughter, kitty-cat Moonlight and little rascal of dog, Gizmo.