Lydia Grace

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Personal Trainer | Yoga & Wellness Specialist

Grace began her slow motion strength training journey in 2000 when her daughter was playing high school sports and started private strength training. Seeing the positive impact that slow motion strength training had on her daughter's stamina, confidence, and power, Grace also began training with her daughter’s trainer.

The results were life altering. Simple things such as carrying groceries and gardening became easier and more enjoyable. Her yoga practice deepened and her energy levels and self confidence improved. 

In early 2008, after an extended hospital stay in Scottsdale, Arizona, Grace found a slow motion strength training studio and again began private strength training sessions. The results were fast and effective, allowing her to return to enjoying her life and daily activities. The experience motivated Grace to become a certified slow motion strength trainer.

Grace became certified as a slow motion strength trainer in 2008, received her Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in 2011, and she holds certificates in restorative and therapeutic yoga.

Grace works with diverse clientele, including professional athletes, individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries, middle-age and geriatric patients looking to enhance their functionality in daily life, as well as clients looking to build bone density, lower blood pressure, control insulin levels and improve their overall health. Her oldest client is 91 years young, and by working with Grace she was able to improve her strength, mobility, bone density, and overall outlook on life.

Grace has an innate ability to put people at ease and listen compassionately to her clients needs and desires. She creates a safe and supportive atmosphere in which goals are achieved.

Grace’s interests include nutrition and wellness, herbal medicine, yoga, and meditation. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and all that life sends her way in beautiful West Sonoma County.